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Strap on dildos


The most complicated part of the enjoyable strap-on sex is to make sure you get your hands on the right equipment, and to ensure that the harness and dildo you own are compatible with each other. Also, if your tastes change and you want to try a larger or smaller dong so can process to be sure the perimeter of your toy fits the harness you have to be a bit of a nightmare!

To resolve this problem, com Doc Johnson up with a genial strap-on system. VAC-U-Lock is the world's first fully interchangeable entertainment system where you can enjoy strap-on sex, without the worry of O-rings, flared bases and dongens girth. All you need to do is check to see if the toy is Vac-U-Lock compatible, and you are ready to run!

Unlike most strap-ons that requires an O ring that matched up so have Vac-U-Lock strap-ons a unique plug system that securely hold your accessories on site for penetrating fun. With a plug instead of an o-ring, the Vac-U-Lock harnesses, compatible with all accessories that Vac-U-Lock, regardless of the size and girth of the attached dongen that you want to use.

Doc Johnson Black Rose Vac-U-Lock harness Kit with 6 inch G-Spot DildoSo, how does it all? Well any Vac-U-Lock attachment is designed with a purpose-built hole in the bottom that fits perfectly over the patented plug. If you want to fix your rilldildo in selenium so simply press your selected toy on the plug and voila! You are ready to run.

You do not need to insert the fitting by an o-ring, you do not need to consider whether the scope of an accessory is compatible with your harness and o-ring. This makes shopping even easier for new monster online, and gives you the freedom to experiment and discover the perfect proportions for you and your partner.

If you like the idea of moving over to Vac-U-Lock system, but don't want to feel that you've wasted money on buying traditional strap-on sex toys, do not fear! Doc Johnson has also created a ' Platinum ' version of selenium that is compatible with both the Vac-U-Lock and sex toys with flared base.


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