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 Treesome Black
 Treesome Black  

Treesome Black

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The Bobbi's Threesome is a gift set consisting of three different vibrators, which can spoil each in his own way. All three vibrators are waterproof so there can even enjoy under the shower.

This set is super fun to gift, but make sure you want it yourself. The vibrators will not let you just scream with pleasure, they also have a look with a real wow effect, actually like Bobbi itself. Because they are all finished with a ring of sparkling white rhinestones on the bottom.

Bobbi's Threesome includes:

• The Mini Vibrator
The mini vibrator is as the name suggests a vibrator small. He is to discreetly go anywhere because he fits in your hand or toiletry bag. You are amazed vibration from soft to very loud vibrating, simply by turning the base of the vibrator. This mini vibrator is made of ABS plastic which is a rigid solid plastic. It is equipped with a silicone coating that seamlessly connects to the vibrator, and soft on the skin and your intimate spots.

• The Basic Vibrator
This vibrator is nice basic without too many distractions, so he can go straight to his goal. He runs upwards slightly wider, making the vibrator has a thicker head. This slightly thicker head is of course easier in place to keep (such as the clitoris), and it gives a good feeling during the penetration of the vibrator. The vibrations are infinitely adjustable by means of the knob on the bottom of the vibrator gently vibrate to nice and hard. The basic vibrator is made of ABS plastic and envelops with a seamless layer of soft silicone material.

• Massage Wand
The massage vibrator is multi-functional. You can use it for a massage where you tired muscles vibrate nice and loose. But he is also capable of spoiling your intimate spots. Massage vibrator has a flexible head so you can easily send him. It is made of sturdy and rigid ABS plastic and surrounds it with a soft silicone coating like the other two vibrators from this pleasure pack. With the knob at the bottom of the massage vibrator you adjust the vibrations continuously, nice and hard for a massage of your muscles, and maybe a little softer for massaging your clitoris.

Material: ABS plastic with silicone coating

Mini Vibrator length: 10,5 cm diameter mini vibrator: 2,5 cm Batteries: 2 x N (included)

Vibrator length: 19 cm Diameter vibrator: 3,5 cm Batteries: 2x AA (not included)

Massage vibrator length: 18 cm diameter Massage vibrator: 3 cm Batteries: 2 x AAA (not included)

Waterproof: Yes

Details: This set contains three different vibrators that you can experiment endlessly.

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