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Smart Sex Toys for Men

  App Controlled Prostate / Anal Vibrator  

 SEK:991:-  SEK:627:-  
  Kiiroo - Keon Duo Pack incl. Stroker  

 SEK:2899:-  SEK:2399:-  
  Kiiroo - Onyx 2 & Pearl 2 Couple Set Black  

 SEK:2995:-  SEK:2789:-  
  Kiiroo - Titan & Pearl2 Couple Set Black  

 SEK:2395:-  SEK:2295:-  
  Kiiroo - Titan Masturbator  

  Kiiroo - Titan Masturbator Experience  

 SEK:1640:-  SEK:1529:-  
  Lelo - F1S Developers Kit Masturbator Red  

 Magic Motion 
  Magic Motion - Candy & Dante Kit  

 Magic Motion 
  Magic Motion - Dante Smart Wearable Ring  

Weight: 0.08
  MyHixel - MED Masturbator  

  MyHixel - TR Masturbator  

  Picobong - Remoji Blowhole M-Cup Blue  

Weight: 0.28
  Picobong - Remoji Blowhole M-Cup Purple  

Weight: 0.28
  Picobong - Remoji Surfer Plug Vibe Black  

  Picobong - Remoji Surfer Plug Vibe Blue  

Weight: 0.15
  Satisfyer - Strong One Ring  


  SenseMax - SenseBand Turquoise  

  SenseMax - SenseTube Black  

  SenseMax - SenseTube White  

  SenseMax - SenseVR  

  SphereSpecs Virtual Reality Headset 3D-360  

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Smart, appcontrolled Sex Toys for men

You are here and your sweetheart is there...either across a crowded room or across a continent. What to do? When your partner was close, you’d have to get up, go over, reach out and touch them; when they were far away, you’d have to email, sext or Skype. But that was before technology made distance (somewhat) obsolete. With teledildonics, the science of remotely controlled sex, you can now get up close and personal no matter how near or far away you are. The question is: how good can you get it?

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