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 Titan Gold Gel 50ml
 Titan Gold Gel 50ml  Titan Gold Gel 50ml

Titan Gold Gel 50ml

: Tit-G
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Description *

 The product is a reinforced version that can effectively adjust the physiological function of men and restore the normal mechanism of men.

* Make penis bigger and thicker improve sexual function prolong sex-time.
* Promote blood circulation improve erectile ability and improve men's charm.
* Relieve stress stimulate masculinity and improve men's glamor.
* Men's sedentary causes the pelvic blood supply works poorly kidney damage but can also easily lead to diseases. With men's health function you can use it and massage a few minutes a day.
* Prevent hidden risks in men's reproductive systems improve the hardness and stamina of the penis improve sexual quality of life.

Included 1 x penis enlargement Gel how to use it Wash and clean the private parts before use. You can fantasize about some of the things that please you and make your penis upright then squeeze the gel and apply it to your own place massage from within outside 10-15 minutes. After use do not wash immediately. In the evening before break use warm water to clean for about 10 minutes.

Titan Gel improves erections and increases excitement. In addition Titan Gel moisturises the genital skin. Titan Gel also acts as a lubricant which prevents irritation and friction and results in a satisfying and comfortable feeling.


Application Instructions


Apply the desired amount of Titan Gel with your fingers. For external use only.

If necessary Titan Gel can easily be rinsed with hot water. Wash your hands with warm water after application.

Keep Titan Gel out of the reach of children. Store the container closed and keep in a cool dry place. Do not expose it to direct sunlight. The gel contains no substances that can destroy sperm and therefore can not be used as a contraceptive.


You get  50 ml Titan Gel


To exceed the recommended dose is not recommended.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients it is best to refrain from using the supplement. Do not use if you are pregnant breastfeeding or if you have impaired renal function. If you are taking other medicines consult your doctor first. Do not use in conjunction with alcohol and / or drugs. Store in a cool dry place out of reach of children. Do not use the supplement if the seal is broken or the cork is brok

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