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 Thunder Pump
 Thunder Pump  

Thunder Pump

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The most powerful Penis Pump we sell. The strong suction on this pump will amaze you. Basically you have four sections to this product. A thick clear cylinder so you can see your penis expand while pumping, and also you will see when to stop. A clear flexible tube with hand held lever action pump. This is a very powerful lever, you must not go mad, start off slowly and work up for best results. You also get an internal nubby sleeve which fits into the cylinder before you enter with the penis.

This item is more for sensation and stimulation rather that enlargement. The final thing is a standard pump sleeve, that is made from thick rubber and gives an air tight seal when using the pump. It also makes it alot more comfortable to use, you won`t get the painful pressure that builds up above the penis. Because of the power of this pump, you should limit the time you spend using it. It is no good just pumping like mad, it will be painful and the penis will just go very fat, sometimes you will not be able to get a full erection from going mad. So just limit the time to say 15 minutes to start with and build up, great results can be had for you and your partner to enjoy, but do start off slowly.

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