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Lingerie for women

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The difference between lingerie and underwear

The words lingerie and underwear are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are some differences between the two. Technically, all lingerie are also underwear, but not all underwear is lingerie. Underwear is worn because they are practical and comfortable of both sexes, whereas lingerie usually is worn by women because it is attractive. We have, of course, also at the Pleasuredome lingerie for men. Regular underwear is usually cheaper than lingrie, and they have been around much longer.

Underwear is considered as any type of garments worn next to the skin, under a person's clothing. These lingerie has several features. They help to keep a person's outer garments clean by absorbing perspiration and oils from the skin. They can also help keep a person warm in cold climates, and they often offer some type of support.

Men can usually choose from a few different types of underwear. Boxer shorts and briefs are the most common options, along with boxer briefs, a hybrid of the two. Here at Pleasurdome, there are more options for men. Common underwear offers usually support of male genital organs, that is not always the case with lingrie for men. Women can choose both attractive underwear and sexy lingerie in the form of bikinis, Panties, thongs and bras, which offers support for the breasts.

 Babydoll and Chemise
Babydoll and Chemise

 Gartered Lingerie
Gartered Lingerie

 Robe Lingerie
Robe Lingerie

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