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 Sexual Attraction Pheromones man - 15ml
 Sexual Attraction Pheromones man - 15ml  Sexual Attraction Pheromones man - 15ml

Sexual Attraction Pheromones man - 15ml

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Sexual Attraction Pheromones man - 15ml

Sexual Attraction Pheromones Man are strong pheromones, which will make you a dominant man desired among women.

Sexual Attraction Pheromones Man are strong pheromones, which will make you the most desired man. It is possible thanks to pheromones contained in our perfumes: Alpha androstenol (5α-androst-16-en-3α-ol), beta-androstenol, alpha androstenone (5a-androstan-3a-ol, 17-one) and androstadienone (androsta-4-16-dien-3-one). It is thanks to these chemical compounds that you can achieve your success.

 It's an intriguing, fresh masculine scent with a distinctive sporty note. It reminiscents of movement, fitness and sexual activity. It creates a male power aura around you, curiouses and intrigues, makes the person sensing your fragrance wanted to get closer to you. Pheromones Sexual Attraction will help you become an object of desie.

Perfect summary of pheromones has been composed in order to increase your chances of impact on people. As you already know, the pheromone may attract some people and the other not. Therefore, we have composed of a mixture of four components, which operate reliably at all in any situation. Using pheromones Sexual Attraction, significantly raise your chances of professional success and intimate.

Application:  Use Pheromones Sexual Attraction just like your favorite perfume. Just spray them in places such as the wrists, neck cavity or where you like.Sexual Attraction is a pheromone for special tasks. These are the most concentrated pheromones, designed and prepared in laboratories in the European Union.

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