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The clit pump works similar ideas as the male version It's a gadget that is put over the clit and a hand pump makes a vacuum that causes the clit (or whole labia) to expand.

The expansion in blood flow increases the desire for foreplay or sex.


WHAT TYPES OF PUMPS ARE THERE?  There are TWO sorts – clinical and business.

The clinical variants are better quality and you can possibly get your hands on one if your doctor gives you a prescription.

The commercial pump are sold in almost all sex shops.


Let's talk about ways to be safe.

  • Shaving or cutting is significant – Copious pubic hair won't let you feel comfy.

  • Include some oil or lube around the edge – It helps make things stick.

  • Get in the correct position – Open/Spread your legs wide and lift your pelvis until you can get a good connection

  • Take your time, pump carefully and slowly

  • Pain is NEVER acceptable – You may feel some sensation vibrators give you, but if you experience any pain, you should stop!

  • Try not to keep it on for a really long time – You'll need to let the vacuum sit for a little, yet that is it.  

  • Being WET means you're excited. In the event that you need to engage in sexual activity yet aren't wet, you might be needing to apply lube 

     Clitoral Pump

Our recommendation is Clitoral Pump in Purple 


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