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 Potency Spray - 50 ml
 Potency Spray - 50 ml  

Potency Spray - 50 ml

: 1x20660108

PotencySpray with a maximum dose of active ingredients such as caffeine, Guarana,Japanese Ginkgo and ginseng lets you achieve an erection immediately after use.

This combination of ingredients causes faster and harder blood circulation  to your penis.

Belter supplied with blood penis is a guarantee of strong alnd long lasting erections.

Thanks to extended release of active substances PotencySpray works up to 30 minutes

Not only your partner will be impressed by pure erections, but also your penis appearance. Everything is due to the oats,  rich in vitamins and minerals which have positive influence on the skin, intense conditioning.

PotencySpray is also lubricant, what will help you avoid scrapes and unpleasant feelings after sex.

PotencySpray is based on our customers' experience, to meet their needs.

Use: Spread a small amount of spray on the entire length of the penis and gently massage until absorbed.

Spray should be used for about 10 minutes before intercourse, also as part of foreplay.

Do a patch test before using the spray spreading a small amount of it on the skin.

In case of allergy, stop using the spray.

Exceptionally strong ingredients complex of vegetable origin provides stimulation erection immediately after use.


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