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 Penilarge Cream - 150ml
 Penilarge Cream - 150ml  Penilarge Cream - 150ml

Penilarge Cream - 150ml

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Penilarge Cream - 3 x 50ml  - save 20%

PENILARGE are a high quality products which, in contrast to many other formulations available on the market, are fully natural. Herbal ingredients it contains are obtained from organically cultivated herbs. Proper cultivation, harvest and processing, conforming to the requirements of the ISO 22000 standard, HACCP standards and Dutch guarantee system for NZVT dietary supplements guarantees the highest quality of the product for youHe deserved to be called a leader because we know that it's a product, which you can trust. Penilarge is safe and it includes only the ingredients of natural origin. See yourself how it's like to be proud of their masculinity with a new formula of Penilarge

Fixed effects !

You can get used to the new size, because Penilarge increasing your blood pressure change the size permanently. Taking Penilarge regularly accelerates blood pumping to your penis corpora cavernosa, which with the time expand and increase its size

specially pressed oil of arnica montana – triggers processes of growth and regeneration
gingko biloba extract – provides better blood flow within penis
fenugreek extract – protects and stimulates
shea tree – rejuvenates and provides care
aloe vera – soothes and activates cells for division
glycerine – ensures elasticity and hydration

Impress with your new bigger penis through Penilarge Cream. Penilarge line with the formula enlarging the penis was based on extracts and vegetable matter. Already after the first application it acts on the subcutaneous layer of penis tissue stimulating them to the growth and division. They firm efficiently and effectively, nourish the skin and help to model the size of the member. As a result of unique combination of natural ingredients sourced using the most modern technologies, they provide comprehensive and holistic care and enlarge your manhood. Herbal ingredients stimulate cell metabolism, enhance the processes of reconstruction and growth of tissues, protect against free radicals and negative environmental impact. The crem formula provides optimal and long-lasting penetration etration into the deepest layers.

    Mountain arnica (Arnica montana L.)

Natural growth has been treated in the traditional medicine with a herbal panaceum with several medicinal uses. Arnica shows first and foremost strong bacteriostatic and bactericide properties. It is used in pain anaesthesia. Tea made of arnica flowers accelerates blood circulation. It stimulates excretion of toxins and toxic metabolites from the body with urine and sweat. It stimulates and regenerates the nervous system. Thanks to incredible properties stimulating tissue regeneration, it has been applied in therapy of difficult-to-heal wounds, fractures and bruises. Specially prepared extract from Arnica activates tissues of your corporea cavernosa for division. Thanks to this effect, it naturally stimulates the penis for growth. In addition, it prevents skin problems from occurring.

    Ginko biloba (Ginkgo biloba L.)

Better blood flow and erection- despite its name, the plant originates in China. Traditionally, extract from gingko leaves has been used in therapy of symptoms of age-related dementia. It is used in therapy of early stages of Alzheimer's disease. It contains high contents of flavonoids, compounds with anti-oxidative properties, decides on action slowing down aging process, positive influence on skin look. Extracts from gingko lower permeability and increase flexibility of blood vessels. They improve blood flow in veins and arteries by slowing down plates aggregation and lowering blood viscosity. Supports circulation. Thanks to it, more blood flows into corporea cavernosa and the penis becomes bigger. It is such a turbo charging for your erection. Circulation improvement has a positive effect on memory processes, attention focus and learning. The beneficial effect of using gingko extracts in case of potency disorders (libido, erection, orgasm disorders) has been scientifically proven in both men and women.

    Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.)

Erection-improving fenugreek is one of the oldest plants used in medicine, recommended already by Ancient Egyptians and Hippocrates. It is treated as a very efficient aphrodisiac. Its seeds are rich in mucuses (their content may even exceed 40%), fats, traces of essential oils, saponines, steroidic compounds including diosgenine derivatives (compound used in hormonal therapy and oral contraceptives), flavonoids, choline, lecitine, vitamines PP, F, D and an alkaloid - trigoneline. It stimulates growth of muscles and tissues. It regulates action of hormonal and nervous systems. It accelerates detoxication processes and toxine elimination from the body. In the penilarge formula it is responsible for protecting your penis from factors which weaken its erection. Thus, your manhood, free from unfavourable factors, may be presented in its full glory.

    Shea tree(Vitellaria paradoxa C.F.Gaertn.)

Deep care is provided by the plant also known as shea tree, which exists naturally in Western and Central Africa. This growing up to 25 m tree belongs to the Sapotaceae family. After boiling the seeds of the shea tree, so called Shea butter is obtained. Fats of the shea tree contain significant contents of terpene alcohols and phytosterols. Thanks to them, it has better hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties when compared to other fats used in cosmetics. It contains valuable phytosterols, such as campesterol, stigmasterol, beta-sitosterol and alpha-spinosterol. Terpenes present in the shea tree include alpha-amirine, beta-amirine, lupeol, parkeol. Very valuable ingredients of the shea tree seeds, which are also extracted to the fat obtainde by water extraction, include: epicatechine gallate, catechine, quercetine, epigallocatechine, epigallocatechine gallate, gallic acid, gallocatechine gallate. These compounds have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and fungistatic properties. They protect the skin from UV radiation. Cinnamic acid, gallic acid and their esters and glycosides administered orally slow down inflammatory states and microbial development, they scavenge free radicals and superoxides, soothe pain. They slow down division of cancer cells in vitro. Thanks to a wide array of nutritional ingredients, the shea tree deeply nourishes and provides energy necessary for growth.

    Aloe (Aloe vera L.)

It expands blood vessels, regenerates - a species of a perennial plant originating from Africa and Asia Minor. It has been used for medicinal purposes since times immemorable. Currently, the clear gel present in aloe leaves is a widespread herbal medicine for all types of skin problems, burns and tissue damage. It contains viscous substances which are natural emolients for the skin surface. It is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and also in bradykinin which shows local analgesic properties. Magnesium lactate presents in aloe soothes itching. The gel contains substances dilating blood vessels, locally increasing blood flow. Stimulates skin growth and regeneration, deeply hydrates

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