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Shaving Tips

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How to Properly Shave your Body

Personal grooming has come a long way from where it began. To many people, it no longer involves the use of just a simple razor blade or basic electric shaver. Since feeling clean and smooth all over the body is so important to a lot of people, a huge amount of time and money has been invested into researching the best ways to do this. In turn, shaving systems have been becoming more and more sophisticated in a very short time.

A lot of shavers only focus on genital hair removal. In reality, you can use them on almost any part of your body. The shaver is best used when you take it slow. To get the best possible shave, we recommend that you leave yourself some time, especially at the beginning, to listen and learn to how the shaver works. Going allows you to safely get all the hair you want removed with minimal to no irritation at all.

Here is some of the important advice you’ll ever get about shaving. Each section of body hair grows in its own direction. Learn these direction. If you don’t want any ingrown hairs, and really, who wants to, you should always cut in the direction of the hair growth. That means since your hair grows in a downward direction on your leg, you will also shave in a downward direction along with it. This will tremendously help the re-growth come in as fine hairs and will help to prevent those nasty ingrown hairs that may pop up during the next few days.

Always make sure your skin is dry before you begin. It’s better to shave before a shower. If you do notice any dampness in the area you’re about the shave, dry it with a towel and then use a bit of your favourite powder to absorb any moisture that may still be there.

How to Shave Armpits, Arms and Legs

Armpits: They are very simple to shave, but are a little different than shaving in other places because the hair grows in different ways. Make sure the hair and skin are dry, pull the skin taut and trim using the Main Trimmer attachment while trying to shave along the directing of the hair growth in each area.

Arms and Legs: Both arms and legs have hair which usually grows in one direction. Shaving with the direction of the hair will ensure the hair grow back instead of coarse. It’s easiest to break the job down into sections, lower arm and upper arm, lower front leg and lower back leg and upper front leg and lower back leg. If you have shaved recently, the Finishing Head may be the only attachment that you’ll need to use since hair in this region generally doesn’t grow as fast as it does in some other areas. Before using the Finishing Head, be sure to apply your shaving powder to keep things smooth.

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