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 Neo. Apt Men Pheromone
 Neo. Apt Men Pheromone  Neo. Apt Men Pheromone

Neo. Apt Men Pheromone

: neoAptphero

Neo. Apt Men Pheromone

Neo. Apt Men Pheromone is a pure concentrated pheromones for Men

Neo.apt is a concentrate of pheromones with a powerful attraction effect. neo. apt for men comprises a minimum of 3 human pheromones, all of which have proven high activity.

The product consists of pure pheromones with no added fragrance. The designed Pheromones in neo.apt emit a musky, male smell which is not a smell at all but a naturally produced chemical, sensed by an VNO organ in the nose, which triggers an awakening of a sexual response between humans.

How it works:
The best seduction pheromones ever made. It is an undefeated leader among pheromone products voted by many customers across forums in the world.

It contains 3 specially selected pheromones. It is a high concentration product, designed to be applied on its own or combined with your favorite perfume to promote masculine appeal as well as an increased confidence and self-esteem in men. This convenient easy to apply concentrated pheromones will touch your skin with a fine mist of neo.apt magic.

neo. apt for men can be used alone or mix with your favorite cologne or perfume to double the impact. This will wake up the sense of smell of your target who will then actively start taking notice of the scent, allowing the pheromones to do its work.

Additional Information:
Format: 10ml: can be mixed with 100ml perfume or cologne.
Components: Essential oils, fragrances, glycol, Pheromones.
Type: Concentrated Pheromones for men
Use: External
Pheromone Content: 3 pheromones with a concentration of 20%

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