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 Magic Motion - Dante Smart Wearable Ring
 Magic Motion - Dante Smart Wearable Ring  Magic Motion - Dante Smart Wearable Ring
 Magic Motion - Dante Smart Wearable Ring  Magic Motion - Dante Smart Wearable Ring

Magic Motion - Dante Smart Wearable Ring

: E24486

Magic Motion - Dante Smart Wearable Ring

Shag your way to the top with Magic Motion's Cockring Dante!

Cockrings can be pretty intense and provide killer orgasms.

Sadly they suffer from difficulties/need some prep work. For example they are rather tiny. Making it hard to switch patterns while you are hitting it off with your partner. Many cockrings are also very cheap made. Too often they make use of inferiour silicone and motors who break down easily.

But those days are over now! Magic Motion offers you; Dante! World's most advanced high-quality

Dante is our first toy that uses one of our Magic Cell Series removable vibrating bullets. These sleek designed bullets contain a built-in motor, rechargeable battery and a powerfull Bluetooth Chip.

The bullet connects with one's smartphone and allows the user to easily change patterns during intercourse by simply sliding his tumb over the phone's screen. Besides sliding a finger, users can also change the intensity by using our Magic Motion's app instant voice mode.

The louder her moan, the harder your bone!

And this is only the start.

The Magic Cell contains a tiny motion sensor. The bullet registrates your positions during lovemaking, as well as the intensity, duration and general performance.

Your days of braging towards your friends about your bedroom performance are long gone. Either you show your Dante results, or you better keep quiet. Our magical cells never lie.

All Magic Cells are magnetically rechargeable. Charger can be found in the storage box. Along with a paper manual that instructs you how to download the Magic Motion app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Finally for those who wish to play old school. Dante can also be operated manually by pushing its magic circle.

Product Specifications:
- Measurements: 5,4 x 4,95 x 2,19 cm
- Weight: 24g
- Battery: Li-on 55mah/3.7v
- Charging time: 1.5 hr/50 ma/5.0v
- Working time: Up to 1 hrs (sustained vibrating)
- Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
- Material: ABS/body-safe silicone
- Frequency: 13000r/s (Motor)
- Waterproof: IP65

About the Magic-Motion App:
- Free download from the App Store/Google Play (automatically updated with the latest functions)
- Works from iPhone 4S or Android 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.0 (and all newer models including tablets)
- Magical movement via music, movement, sound, touch, etc…
- Play games via chat over Wi-Fi

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