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 Invisible Extra Lubricated Durex Condoms 10 Pcs

Invisible Extra Lubricated Durex Condoms 10 Pcs

: E28531

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Invisible Durex condoms are the thinnest ever designed by Durex for more intimacy between partners and a maximum sensation.

The best protection is guaranteed by the Durex Quality     

Extra thin for even more feel, with extra lube for an extra pleasant experience     

Straight shape with reservoir     

Transparent latex condom made of natural rubber with extra lubricant     

Nominal width: 52mm

For optimal security the product should be placed in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Use a condom only once.

1. Take the condom gently, because it can be damaged by nails or sharp objects.

2. Make sure the rolled side is on the outside. Squeeze the tip of the condom (reservoir) gently with the fingers close and place the condom on the top of the erect penis.

3. Roll the condom as far as possible. Stop and check before you go or the condom does not slip off or is too tight, because it could rupture. After ejaculation the condom must be removed quickly. Hold the condom firmly at the bottom before pulling back the penis.

4. Throw the condom in the garbage. Do not throw it in the toilet.

No method of contraception gives 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV (AIDS) or other sexually transmitted infections.

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