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Vibrating Eggs and Beads-Guide

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Vibrating Eggs and Beads

The so-called vibrating eggs are very popular among both novice and experienced users of sex toys. It is perhaps because the eggs are so versatile that it is easy to vary how to use them? There are several different designs with remote control that is wireless or via cable.

The vibrant egg can be used as external or internal klitorisstimulator to stimulate the vagina. Please test first to to hold the egg in your hand and bring it to places on your body that feels comfortable. Why not with your partner?


All body muscles feel good to be trained. This means that the muscles that are not used will be slackened with time. The muscles that are in the vagina can train up to maintain or improve the elasticity and strength with the help of so called Geisha balls or kegelkulor.

You usually call these training sessions pelvic floor exercises and midwives and physicians are generally positive because it is preventing incontinence, increases wellbeing during intercourse and lessen the risc of prolapse. It is also often a help when you want to restore the vagina after childbirth.

It is usually better to start training before problems arise but it is never too late to start. Remember that a good sex life leads to health, so even if you are not experiencing any problems today, one still experience the positive effects during intercourse.

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