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Glass dildos

 NS Novelties 
  FireFly Glass G-Spot Glow  

 NS Novelties 
  FireFly Glass Smooth Dildo  

  Glas - Galileo Glass Butt Plug  

  Glas - Naturals Chili Pepper Glass Dildo  

  Glas - Pacifier Glass Butt Plug  

  Glas Romance Glasdildo-GS09  

  Glas Romance Glasdildo-GS10  

  Glass Dildo - GS05  

  Gläs - Candy Land Juicer Glass Dildo  

 Pipedream Icicles 
  Icicles Gold Edition - G04  

 Pipedream Icicles 
  Icicles Gold Edition - G05  

 Pipedream Icicles 
  Icicles No 53  

 Pipedream Icicles 
  Icicles No 61  

  Icicles No 73  

 Pipedream Icicles 
  Icicles No.29 Massager  

  Laid - D.1 Stone Dildo  

Weight: 0.49
  Laid - D.2 Stone Dildo Absolute Black  

Weight: 0.49
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Glass Dildos/Hard Dildos

klar glasdildo

glass dildo

For the most part glass dildos made of Pyrex glass a material that can withstand large temperature changes and does not break. They are simple and practical to clean-running them in the dishwasher if you want-it could not be. For those who are allergic to various plastic / rubber so it fits perfectly. It takes less lubricant and they are extremely durable.



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