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 Adams Promax Pump Black/Clear
 Adams Promax Pump Black/Clear  

Adams Promax Pump Black/Clear

: 3000013100
With its special no-crimping air hose, realistiskta vagina air seal and super-accurate pressure gauge, so Adams ProMax Pump erection helping hand in times of need.
• Vacuum suction draws blood into the penis to improve your erection
• Each pump gives you bigger and harder erection
• Recommended by doctors for men with erection problems
• Realistic silicone ring in the shape of the vagina for better feel and is super-tight
• Special hose pump and extra large closet that makes it easy to use
• Dimensions to see your progress
• plastic cylinder with a silicone ring for a tight seal
Penis Pump is one of the few sex toys actually recommended by doctors around the world to help men who suffer from erection problems. ProMax pump creates a super strong vacuum inside the clear chamber. This vacuum get your penis hard when the blood supply increases. You will be able to increase your girth and gives you a firmer and harder erection. Each time you push the handle, you increase the pressure in the pump and its efficiency.
The pump is designed so that you can easily measure your progress. The pump cylinder has a ruler on the page so that you can easily measure your size before and after each pump session. Second, the pump with strong pressure gauge so you can set consistent goals for your pumping sessions. Remember that your pump is more efficient every time you increase the pressure.
Remember not to over pumping or pumping too long, maximum 20 minutes.

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